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Iraq's First Casualty of 2008

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It has been so very quiet here.  I know the world hasn't stopped, but it sure has lost it's breath a couple times.  I just thought people here my find this of interest. 

Please click the link at the end, and read Andrew's last post. Even if you never read his stuff, or are a Babylon 5 fan, you'll wish you'd known him.
I sure wish I had.

Do you read posts by people on blogs? People you've never met, maybe never even commented to directly, but the things they write touch you, and make you think? Then you find out they are a huge B5 fan, just like you are, even though you have differing views, different politics, a different life. You look forward to their quotes and references, feeling like you're on the inside track with them, understanding things other readers may not get. Your paths would never ordinarily cross--he's from Colorado, you're from Maryland. He's a conservative, you're a liberal. You just read his stuff, and then one day he announces he's re-upping, and you get what that means. You admire him, cause you know he's not whole-heartedly in favor of the war, but he believes in his country, and the military tradition, and he's willing to put his life on the line for his beliefs. You remember his great post on 'illegal orders' and all the Sheridan quotes he threw in, and why he thought most situations in Iraq wouldn't fall under that rubric. You send him the President's speech about Sheridan from Rising Star as a good-bye.

He posted under the pseudonym G'Kar when the military asked him to stop his blogging.

And then one Friday, you come home and open up Obsidian Wings, the group blog he wrote for, a moderate political blog in the USA, and there it is, in black and white, written so quiet and straight that you can't avoid it, no matter how much you want to click it away:
Andy's dead.
He left a message for his co-blogger to post, like he knew it might happen, like we all knew it might happen, but of course it wouldn't, couldn't, not to a good guy like him.
He was the first 2008 casualty in Iraq. And a small part of Maj. Andrew Olmsted likely would've chuckled at that fact. It would be droll and play into his sense of self-deprecation.

Amanda Wilson, his wife of 10 years, could barely talk Friday. The notifying officers came to her door in Colorado Springs on Thursday to tell her that Olmsted's unit had been ambushed and that he was dead. Also killed was Cpt. Thomas J. Casey, 32, of Albuquerque.

Obsidian Wings:Andy Olmstead
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On January 5th, 2008 05:39 pm (UTC), joriejc2 commented:
Interestingly enough, even though I started this community, I forgot about it.

Thank you so much for not only breathing life into this community but for linking the information about Mr. Olmstead. I had never heard of him or read his blog, but it is important to remember that each casualty, whether for the Iraqis, the Afghanis, or us, is a real person who leaves behind loved ones. This is a powerful reminder.

Thanks again!
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On January 6th, 2008 03:56 am (UTC), flarn_chef replied:
You are very welcome. I've missed this community, and this really seemed like the best place to post this link.
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