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I have been thinking what an incredible media coup the first 2 weeks of September are going to be for American media. The 1-year anniversary of Katrina and the 5-year anniversary of 9/11. God, what could be better? The only real question for network television will be which chilling audio and video tapes to play to get the best reaction.

Tough choice, that.

Sadly enough, the media is going to have to tread carefully, even during this gilded age of media bliztzens and vixens. You see, it seems that when people experience tragedies like 9/11 or Katrina, well...I know this will be difficult to believe, but they swear. This, apparently, is a serious problem.

The CBS documentary on 9/11, featuring the work of French brothers Gedeon and Jules Naudet, was the first documentary about 9/11 that I forced myself to watch. I don't recall hearing any uncouth language, quite frankly. I remember the stories, definitely. Oh, and the sound of bodies thudding onto the ground because people were jumping from a slow death to a quick one. I kind of remember that. But that doesn't need to be censored, as disturbing as that is. It's just, maybe when someone, I don't know, saw a plane flying above his head and straight into the World Trade Center, he may have said "oh shit!" Wow. The least he could have done was monitored his speech so that it would be family-safe.

So, just be warned, for the sake of the media and any documentarians out there. If you witness something horrifying or tragic or unbelievable, you cannot say "holy fuck" or "holy fucking shit on a cracker" or "oh shit." Say, "wowzers" or "well I'll be." Because if you use dirty language -- your story just won't make it to the 6:00 news.
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On August 30th, 2006 01:00 am (UTC), droll_elf commented:
(hi it's me emmiegray - I use this 'alias' for icon contests)

The only one I ever watched was the French brothers's documentary. The rest of it I can't/won't watch, because I know that sponsors are making money off it and I have a problem with that. It's a quirk.

I dont' know what to think about editing out the swearing - I'm sure it reduces the impact, but on the other hand, children will be exposed to it, and I hadn't planned on letting my kids go around swearing until they're, oh, about 38 and 41. 8-)

Colin's current exclamation - "Holy Haberdashery!"
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