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My local paper had a little poll on their website... do you think the…

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My local paper had a little poll on their website... do you think the resolution being offered for peace between Lebanon and Israel will "work"? And I wonder really what that means. Do I think fighting can stop for a few days? Sure. Do I think the two countries will find a lasting peace? Probably not, at least yet. What do you guys think? Do we need to start a petition to send Jimmy Carter over there?!
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On August 14th, 2006 12:28 am (UTC), joriejc2 commented:
As I just said in my own post, I am not sure the terms are particularly realistic. Lebanon has an awful lot of responsibility as far as my reading of the agreement goes, and I just don't see how they are going to be able to do it. People in Lebanon who traditionally were not radical have been radicalized through the destruction of their homes, etc etc. There is a little voice in my head too that wonders if the world is not begging for trouble by having the Lebanese army gather en-massed near the Israeli border. It seems it would not take much to incite violence between Israeli and Lebanese forces. But that is the pessimistic side of me, and i am trying to be optimistic here.

One thing seems certain -- the US as a whole is not the optimum force to try to create a permanent cessation of hostilities, nor is Russia, nor is Britian. I am not 100% sure who could pull this off, at least in the short-term, because there is so much bad feeling on both sides. It will be interesting to watch.
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